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Although the term does refer to the organization, it is not one since an acronym for the organization would read IOS. So, what does ISO stand for? And what does ISO mean? Iso is not an acronym as suggested by the theory mentioned above. Instead, the International Organization for Standardization simply took the Greek word “isos” and shortened it to ISO, meaning the term is actually an abbreviation. Since the organization could not find an ideal acronym (a different acronym would be necessary for the many languages of its member countries), they settled for a shortened version of the Greek word “isos,” which means equal. The organization found it a suitable solution for the problem, since it aims to provide international standards. ISO is an independent non-governmental international standard-setting organization composed of representatives from several national standards bodies, such as the American National Standards Institute, the Association Française de Normalisation (French Association for Standardization), and the Rosstandart (Federal Technical Regulation and Metrology Agency) from Russia. The organization’s main task is to develop and publish international standards to create uniformity across markets. For example, allowing Company X’s hard drive to work with Company Y’s computer or to facilitate the exchange of goods and services across international borders.

South Africa approved the transfer to convince Transkei’s leader Kaiser Matanzima to declare “independence”. On the other hand, while demanding back the “conquered territory” (portions of South Africa’s Free State province taken by Afrikaner settlers in the 19th century), the leaders of Lesotho were unwilling to take on the Basotho bantustan of Qwaqwa (offered by South Africa) because it was not the whole conquered territory, and it would have meant recognising apartheid. Lesotho’s leaders also calculated that international aid received from its status as a “front line state” – neighbouring states harbouring South Africans fighting against apartheid – was more valuable than a partial return of the conquered territory. Swaziland’s King Sobhuza II , meanwhile, signed a deal in 1982 that would have enlarged the Swazi kingdom by incorporating KaNgwane , the area that had been designated as a bantustan for Swazi-speaking South Africans. In exchange, Sobhuza and the Swazi state would take on as citizens every Swazi-speaking person in South Africa. And, in a secret pact, they would expel the then-banned liberation movement, the African National Congress (ANC), from its forward bases in the kingdom. KaNgwane leaders rejected the deal. The KwaZulu administration, which would have lost its Ingwavuma District as well under the deal, sued in court to have it declared void. And so, the deal gradually fell apart and was never consummated.