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Sales of Canadian Christmas trees have been growing by about 15 per cent a year since 2015, said Brennan. And unless demand falls off, a Christmas tree shortage is likely to continue because fewer trees are being planted and climate change is affecting their growth and survival. "I can see it being ongoing," said Alison McCrindle, co-owner of Chickadee Christmas Trees in Puslinch, Ont. Tree sellers in Nova Scotia , New Brunswick , Quebec , Ontario , Manitoba ,  Alberta  and B.C. have all told CBC News about inventory issues they're facing this year. Maren Bennett pulls the Christmas tree her family selected last week at Chickadee Christmas Trees in Puslinch, Ont. The Bennetts, from nearby Cambridge, were out shopping early, anxious about a tree shortage being reported in many parts of Canada.

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But then, it can also be a source of various security threats that can expose an organization. Knowing how to identify informaton security threats in the cloud can boost dig this security for a business moving its operations to the cloud. First, there are different vulnerabilities that businesses need to know when operating on the cloud. They include client attacks, virtualization threats, hypervisor attacks, etc. These threats aren’t as widespread as those threats outside the cloud but knowing them can help you prepare for the worst scenario. People create and send ransomware to business networks for various reasons. Some could be cybercriminals looking to weaken your systems and access data, while others could be jealous competitors. Ransomware attacks can have significant impacts on business networks. The good thing about ransomware is that it is easy to identify for a security-trained eye.

1, 2021. Screen shot by Marion Filler He described the new amenity as measuring about 230 feet long by 70 feet wide along the back of the apartments. It will include a yoga circle, a dog run around the north side of the building, and a fire pit, table, benches, and assorted plantings. There also will be 10 visitor parking spots along the perimeter. Tobia demonstrated how moving the property line 38 feet between the new building and the existing office is another perk that follows the design change. “The result is the office lot gets smaller and the parking lot gets bigger, which in turn eliminates the need for a FAR (floor area ratio) variance for this case.” The pocket park changed “what to me felt like a building in a parking lot,” said board Chairman Steve Pylypchuk. He noted there would be more to discuss, especially the use of artificial turf and the amount of hard surface in the proposal that he would like to see replaced with more grass. “At least the thought has been created,” said Pylypchuk, as he endorsed the project. There were no calls from the public.