Simple Ideas On Down-to-earth Ethics Programs

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One of the highlights is our employment programming,” Reuter said. She said they have individuals who are competitively employed and they no longer use their building as a bus stop, but shuttle individuals directly to their employment site. “They’re no longer employed by MRCI, they’re employed at that employer,” Reuter explained. She said they’re on the payroll there, involved in holiday parties and wear a company uniform if applicable. “We’re excited about what that has meant for everyone and the job opportunities that have come,” she said. Some of the many local businesses that employ people associated with MRCI include Fareway, Fairmont Foods, Devenish Nutrition and the Pizza Ranch. Reuter explained that not everyone was ready for a completive job so they’ve also built in training programs along the way to ensure that no one is left behind. For those who are not yet ready to work or work isn’t a viable option, Reuter said they have a community-based day program. “It’s a way for them to engage in meaningful activities with and for our community,” she said. If you see a white mini inquiry van roaming around , Reuter said it will be filled with individuals going to an activity around the community. “Each mini van has four clients being served and one staff member,” she said.