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It uses an innovative instrument, the Accelerating Coal Transition facility , which was designed by the World Bank’s Climate Investment Fund. It will target energy governance, mining communities’ needs and infrastructural demands. While the details of this particular partnership have not yet been laid open to the public, several points give an impression of its direction and aims: Support Eskom to decommission coal power stations and replace them with greener stations. This sounds like a solution to the pending transition risk, with Eskom planning to remove 22GW generation capacity from the energy system additional resources by 2035 . But while Eskom is indeed turning to renewable energy, not least to avoid financial risks, this conversion still includes erecting new coal power stations. These are less carbon dioxide intense, but prolong the carbon economy. It’s also unclear whether gas is considered as a “bridge technology”.

Houston concert deaths spur calls for independent review HOUSTON (AP) - Houston's police chief says he expressed concerns about safety to Travis Scott before the rapper performed at a sold-out music festival where eight people were killed in a crush of fans. Chief Troy Finner on Monday described the meeting as brief and respectful but did not elaborate on any specific safety concerns at the Astroworld festival. His department has launched a criminal investigation into what went wrong Friday night when the crowd pushed forward as Scott took to the stage. A prominent local official is calling for a separate, independent review of the tragedy. Experts in crowd safety say an investigation by neutral outsiders could help the city avoid potential conflicts and promote transparency. Police and fire officials played key roles in crowd control measures, on-site security staffing and the emergency response at the Astroworld festival on Friday night. Concert promoter Live Nation says it has provided authorities with all footage from surveillance cameras. Some 50,000 people attended the festival.

Check out what time the play-off draw begins wherever you are in the world . Which countries are in the play-off draw? Pot 1: Italy, Portugal, Russia, Scotland, Sweden, Wales Pot 2: Austria, Czech Republic, North Macedonia, Poland, Turkey, Ukraine The six best-ranked group runners-up in European World Cup qualifying are seeded and go into Pot 1, while the four remaining second-placed finishers are joined in Pot 2 by two countries, Austria and the Czech Republic, who qualified for the play-offs via the UEFA Nations League. Austria and the Czech Republic were the two teams with the highest 2020/21 Nations League ranking that did not either qualify automatically for the 2022 World Cup or reach the play-offs via European qualifying. Recently crowned European champions, Roberto Mancini's Italy have had to settle for place in the World Cup play-offs after being pipped to top spot in Group C by Switzerland.PAUL FAITH (AFP) The 12 countries in the play-offs are to be split up into three, four-team knockout tournaments described by UEFA as Path A, Path B and Path C. Each path will consist of two semi-finals and a final, all played in single-game format. The six seeds in Pot 1 will all be given a home draw in the semi-finals. After the semi-finals have been played, a further draw will decide which countries are to be at home in the three finals. Winners of semi-finals 1 and 2 meet in Path A final Winners of semi-finals 3 and 4 meet in Path B final Winners of semi-finals 5 and 6 meet in Path C final For political reasons, Russia and Ukraine will be kept apart in the draw. When will the European World Cup play-offs take place? The semi-finals are to be played on Thursday us 24 March 2022, with the three finals scheduled for Tuesday 29 March 2022.